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Cazander Bros spread their metal wings ever further


2019 was, again, a busy year for the Cazander company, based in The Netherlands with branches in Spain and Poland. In terms of print lines we are certainly one of the largest in Europe: in 2019 we sold another 7 complete lines from 1-color to 2-color, 3-color and 4-color models.

Ukraine, the country that attracted so much interest last year, has also proven to be a special country for us, because we sold as well as bought a print line there. This does not happen very often within one and the same year. We expect to further strengthen our relationship with our customers there.

Also memorable is that in 2019 we sold a large number of 40 ft containers with machines to a customer in Morocco who is in the process of setting up a completely new factory. In total, this involved 80 machines for the manufacture of all kinds of metal packaging. The sale was nicely on time, as it enabled us to store newly purchased used equipment.

On that subject, the Cazander app has proven its worth for many customers already. The app enables customers to check our stock quickly and it provides a convenient way of offering any surplus machinery available. Besides that we regularly offer shelf flowers from our stock at give away prices. The app is freely downloadable in the App Store and in the Google Play Store, via

Northwest Europe has an enormous potential of used machines and Cazander is happy to be a trading point especially in this region that is known for the fact that machines are well maintained and that original parts are used during overhauls. We are lucky to have a good relationship with several big can making companies in the region, that are very happy to co-operate with us whenever they have surplus machinery to sell, used equipment to buy or extensive dismantling and or relocation jobs to be carried out.

In 2019 we carried out a large number of relocations of factories in Denmark and Finland. In Denmark it involved two sites where we removed lines for printing, coating, tobacco cans, EOE and peel-off and in Finland a site where conical pails and components were produced.

The production lines from Denmark were taken over by Cazander and partly moved to our warehouse in the Netherlands where we have 10,000 square meters of storage space. A significant lot was transported directly to customers in various countries, such as India, Vietnam, Brazil, Bulgaria, Turkey and Serbia.

The project in Finland had to be realized within one (1) month only, which was quite a challenge. During 23 days in December, twelve hours per day, several teams (twenty technicians all together) marked, disconnected, dismantled and loaded all production lines and other installations for water cooling and air compression. Most of the machinery was also unloaded by our people at another location in Finland. Additionally, nine trucks were loaded for other destinations: Spain, Serbia and The Netherlands. In order not to waste any time, breakfast, lunch and dinner were prepared in the factory and, had they been allowed, our people would have slept there as well... A major achievement and the proof of Cazander's far-reaching ability to link professionals to each other and thus bring a complicated, time-limited project to a successful conclusion.

We look forward to continuing the valued relationship with our existing business partners and to new acquaintances in 2020!

Arnold Cazander
Arnold Cazander Director Cazander Bros & Sis

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