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International business has been a strong feature of the Dutch culture for centuries and for over twenty-eight years Cazander has significantly contributed to this commercial spirit. Day by day we extend beyond our borders to discover new markets, thus making our small country by the sea even a bit stronger. As a family business, we can take decisions quickly and uncomplicatedly. 

Cazander Bros & Sis B.V. is a young, dynamic world leader in the field of used canmaking and decorating equipment for the steel and aluminium packing industry. The Cazander Brothers have been active in this niche market only since 1996 and have already built up a solid reputation as a reliable partner for buying and selling quality used machinery. Large stock, expert knowledge of the market and excellent connections enable Cazander to serve smaller, medium sized and large companies in the metal packaging industry. 

Cazander promotes their equipment often as 'quality used' or 'quality pre-owned'. This is not a hollow phrase but well thought-out because Cazander buys the equipment primarily from canmaking firms in north-western Europe known for their high standards in the maintenance of production lines during years of operation. 

By reusing machines instead of making new ones, we help make the climate better, saving an average of 1,250 tonnes of COemissions every year.

The activities include the professional dismantling, packaging and loading of complete lines; if necessary, machines can be overhauled in Cazander's workshops. Upon request, Cazander arranges for re-installation of machinery.

Cazander knows the market inside out and consequently who is selling and who wants to buy. Between these parties, Cazander is the intermediary. Additionally, Cazander can arrange the global transport of machines as well as of complete lines and provide the necessary relative documents. Our customer base is still expanding. By now more than 530 companies in 100+ countries worldwide have either bought quality pre-owned canmaking machinery from Cazander or sold used equipment to Cazander.

In 2024 we continue our business as usual of buying and selling quality used canmaking machines and decorating equipment for this niche market in the steel and packing industry. 

The Cazander

Cazander Brothers started in 1996 from the proverbial back room at the home of one of the brothers. At the time communication still took place mainly by telephone, fax and traditional post; however they already owned a desktop computer for word processing. Shortly after, the eldest sister took up the office management, thus enabling the brothers to fully focus on their commercial  activities.

Cazander Team

From the very beginning, Cazander cooperated strongly with the company Veldkamp Technical Services from Raalte, the Netherlands, for storage and overhaul and this is still the case today. At first, the storage was small, of course, and housed four presses and a single flanger that were purchased for resale at the brothers’ own risk.  

A year later, in 1997, the brothers came into contact with Piotr Gniech, who, with his company Doradztwo i Uslugi Techniczne in Gdansk, Poland, has become particularly active in the dismantling and relocation of larger production lines. To this day, DiUT continues to be our reliable partner in this field.

Since the brothers did not master any Spanish, they began looking for a colleague who did, in order to enter the Spanish speaking market. In 1998, through a mutual acquaintance, they met Alfredo Corcuera, an architect from Panama, who started translating and interpreting for can makers in Spanish-speaking countries worldwide. This was so successful that Alfredo was asked to settle in Zaragoza, Spain, as the representative of the Cazander company in Spain and Latin America. Alfredo is still the brothers' steady commercial partner for the purchase and sale of machines. Since 2024 his daughter Andrea is also active in our canmaking business. 

From the above it is clear that the brothers and sister like to surround themselves with long term, reliable business partners; they are proud of that and it gives their team an enormous experience in their everyday professional field.

Recently, the storage and thus the logistics of the machines is more and more concentrated in Cazander’s location in Middelharnis, south of Rotterdam, where they now run a warehouse of about 10,000 m2. From here they continue their business of buying and selling quality used can making machines and decoration equipment for the steel and aluminum packing industry. Meanwhile, with Cazander's involvement, about 3,200 pieces pre-owned machinery have changed ownership between 530 companies in 100+ different countries around the world.

International business has been a strong feature of the Dutch culture for centuries and for twenty-eight years the Cazander team has significantly contributed to this commercial spirit. 

Day by day we extend beyond our borders to discover new markets, thus making our small country by the sea even a bit stronger.

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