FMC 652 C1 seamer
A high speed quality-used seamer of bottoms on aerosol can bodies. Seaming machine has six (6) heads.
Klinghammer DFS 250-Y seamer - spin flanger
The used combination machine can do spin-flanging and bottom seaming in one operation and has an automatic feeding device for the ends. Until recently employed by a German factory for the production of conical pails diameter 230/217 mm and height 291 mm.
Crabtree F1 varnish coating machine - sheet feeder
This used coater is equipped with the MCE pneumatic scrape system delivers a very short changeover and serious blade lifetime savings (new price is approx. GBP 30,000.00).
Soudronic VAA-K 100 bodymaker welder - powder unit - curing oven
Soudronic welding machine with CAN MAN inverter, Frei AG inside powder (type EPC) and outside seam protection system (type VAA/TPZ). Frei AG curing oven (type ECM/G 1x10 VAA) is approx. 9 meter long and has 10 burners.