Klinghammer DFS 250-Y seamer - spin flanger
The used combination machine can do spin-flanging and bottom seaming in one operation and has an automatic feeding device for the ends. Until recently employed by a German factory for the production of conical pails diameter 230/217 mm and height 291 mm.
Crabtree F1 varnish coating machine - sheet feeder
This quality used coater has been employed by a United Kingdom factory.
Magnettechnik NSM palletizing line with pallet strapper and wrapper
Quality used palletizer line for aerosols. Supported pallet sizes are 1200 x 800 mm / 1200 x 1000 mm / 1290 x 1120mm. The feeding of the pallet, intermediate layer and top layer is automatic, only wooden top frames must be placed by hand. Maximum pallet height is 1450 mm. Control is Siemens S5. For the last years the German factory where this line was installed ran only aerosol cans diameter Ø 52 mm. In the past they have also been running aerosol cans diameter Ø 49, 57 and 65mm. In order to change the can diameter you need to change the starwheel for the infeed and to adjust sideguides.
Metal Box 80B beader
Quality used precision beading machine for high productivity of standard can range of 65 to 99 mm (211 to 401) in diameter and 74 to 127 mm (214 to 500) in height. Output of the 12 spindle layout 80 Series Beaders is 1000 cpm for two-piece D&I and DRD cans and 850 cpm for three-piece welded cans.